Where To Drink Coffee In Seville

Extremely hot and dry summers in Seville the largest urban area in Southern Spain. Cafes should be warm and cozy in the colder months, but also bright and fresh in the summer heat, in one of the most historic cities on the Iberian Peninsula.

Where To Drink Coffee In Seville, Spain

Strategically located in the center of Seville and near to some of the most grandiose landmarks in all of Spain—the Alcázar complex, La Maestranza bullring and the Star Wars-featured Plaza de España—La Crème de La Crème is the logical stop after a big day of sightseeing.

The cafe looks more french than Andalusian, which seems to work perfectly fine considering the healthy number of international patrons here. It is spacious, bright, and quiet—you could spend a whole day here if you wished to. There are simple and delicious breakfast, lunch, and pastry options.

Brasilian coffee is the main offering, who source directly from origin and roast in Seville.

One cold-brew is nicely and strong enough to discourage any siesta time.

Where To Drink Coffee In Seville, Spain

How do you provide customers with shade in this sunny city if you lack space and resources? Leveraging on the surroundings and use the peculiar aesthetics of one of the city’s main landmarks, the Metropol Parasol.

La Crème de La Crème is a coffee bar located at Plaza de la Encarnación, famous for its mushroom-shaped, waffle-like architectural behemoth that provides much-needed reprieve from the scorching sun.

Run by its owner Sandrine Sánchez, La Crème de La Crème serves glorious flat whites and americanos from seasonal coffee beans roasted in Seville..

This is great option in the city center.

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